We are already with new packaging in all our production, for the bags of 20 and 40 kg, with material of greater strength and durability, besides showing our data with more clarity and ease for contacts. Contact us and place your order!  

Po Max with New Packaging

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Historic It all started in Pampulha, in Lagoon Tennis Club, in the 70s, with Rodrigo Otavio de Salles Pereira - son of Waldomiro Salles, one of the Minas Tennis Club founders - until then with 6 clay tennis courts, Rodrigo gave lessons tennis and had several assistants who visited the […]

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The Powder Max gives some tips on daily maintenance of clay courts. Night time: At the end of the activities, at night, the official service must pass the network or scrubbing brush, sweeping lines and drench the court. The amount of water should be enough for the court dawns on […]

Tips – How to maintenance on clay courts

MISSION Attend to all clubs, gyms and condos with tennis courts, develop, manufacture and market its products nationwide. VISION Be state leader to be among the most reputable companies in the market it serves, serve with quality and satisfy the expectations of its customers, employees and suppliers, fulfilling its social […]

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