Who we are


Rodrigo Salles and son Max Drummond Salles.


Tudo began in Pampulha, in Lagoon Tennis Club, in the 70s, with Rodrigo Otavio de Salles Pereira - son of Waldomiro Salles, one of the Minas Tennis Club founders - until then with 6 clay tennis courts, Rodrigo gave tennis lessons and had several assistants who visited the club and today most are teachers in Belo Horizonte and the metropolitan area, as Caquinho, Carlinhos, Claudius, Toninho, Gilson, mark Antony, Ailton, Léo Botija, Marcelino, William Lage, Elinho and many other tennis players.

At the time, Salles seeing the difficulty in achieving tile powder to keep their courts handled well, decided to make a machine and started producing his own tile dust. Over time, other clubs and gyms began to order and use in their clay courts. It was then that was born the Sport Max Company, now located in Vespasiano - MG and run by his son Max Drummond Salles, serving most courts of clubs and tennis academies of Belo Horizonte and the metropolitan area, becoming regional reference in production and ceramic powder quality for tennis courts and other accessories for maintenance courts.